FotoTechnika’s October Surprise

Moving is not something we take lightly
Barnett’s Art & Frame Gallery 2017

Normally I might use the reality TV formula and make you wade through a lot of backstory, building to a climax (but not before a couple of irritating commercial breaks), but it’s more important to drive home a very important message: FotoTechnika is moving! The last week of October, we will move to 2025 Blanding Boulevard (32210), the home of Barnett’s Art & Frame Gallery.

Believe me, this is not a sudden notion. We started our due diligence in February 2017, when we were encouraged to think about our future. We approached Drew Derrick-Bisbee, the owner of Barnett’s, aware that he had a large warehouse space available in his building. Drew, a regular customer for over 20 years, was very interested and saw all kinds of opportunities for “cross-pollination.” He was already planning some major infrastructure changes to his building, along with a cosmetic makeover, so the timing was right for us to add our considerable amount of build-out. In fact, when we move, the transformation will still be a work-in-progress.

The Barnett’s warehouse
Installing new windows

So now that you’ve had the cover story above the fold, let me give you pages 2 and 3. Remember when I said we were encouraged to think about our future? For a long time, we’ve been in talks with our close friend, Tim Ware – a commercial printer and owner of DP&M (Digital Print & Media) – about joining us, but of course, we needed a much larger space than either of us had. Tim has been supplying us with digital equipment and ancillary printing services for several years, and like us, he is outgrowing his space. With space in short supply at our current Beach Boulevard location, Tim graciously stored some of our commercial printing equipment at his location downtown, but traveling back and forth between locations to complete printing jobs has been a real drain on our time. Our work ethics are so similar that we work together very well. We decided to merge our operations at Barnett’s because the space was a little too large for either of us separately, but not when you put us together. So in December of 2019, we formed a new joint LLC called FotoTechnika Warecraft, where FotoTechnika stands for the photo lab and Warecraft stands for commercial printing. The original slogan under the FotoTechnika name when we opened the lab full-time in 1987 was “Creative Graphics and Photographics.” Now we will adopt that slogan again, and it will be truer than ever.

As usual, we’re moving from one vintage building to another, but many of you know we have a passion for historically relevant buildings. There’s plenty more story, but I’m so busy with the logistics of the move and the continuing build-out that I’ll need to catch you up later. We will move into half of the space available at Barnett’s at the end of October, and Tim will bring his printing business over by the end of the year. So stay tuned!

To assist in the transition, we will maintain a minimal presence at Beach Boulevard through Christmas. We are excited about the opportunities ahead of us, and we hope you’ll love what we’re doing, too.



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