COVID-19 Update April 5, 2020

So here I sit, typing away on Palm Sunday morning. Normally we would be making our way to church to prepare music for worship, but we recorded our remaining Holy Week music on Thursday before the “Safer at Home” mandate went into effect. If you want to see Saundra, Sarah and me doing our music thing, check out the website or Riverside Presbyterian Church on Facebook. Sarah sings in the Palm Sunday and Good Friday services, while all three of us participate in Maundy Thursday and Easter. We hope all of our friends of faith will find opportunity to “feed the spirit” during this ongoing crisis.

SaferAtHome sign 040620 4x5


As for FotoTechnika, the doors are locked – we are not allowing any customers inside – however, we do go in daily to check phone messages and check the mail. (The shop is definitely a place where Saundra and I can practice better social distancing than at home, given the medical and caregiver personnel who attend to my elderly mother’s special needs.) Also, we have upgraded our film drop at the front door: it’s loaded with plenty of envelopes, and we even have pen and pencils so that film customers can fill out their order envelopes. If you have a non-film order that will fit through the slot, feel free to use the dropbox and envelope(s) for that, too. In any case, make sure you include instructions and contact information so we can call for more details as needed.

mailbox1123 3x3

If you have orders you would like to drop off that won’t fit in our film drop, you could mail your order to us (if you’re comfortable with that), or arrange a way for us to receive your order without  person-to-person contact – just call (904) 356-2503 or email us at We are taking extra precautions….. cleaning film canisters with wipes and handling other jobs with nitrile gloves, and ask that you do the same. PLEASE, whether you suspect you may be infected or not, observe COVID-19 hygiene and social distancing according to CDC guidelines, including quarantine!

We have a huge investment in equipment and expensive photo chemicals, so while we are at the shop to check messages, we will develop film and print prints. We want to make sure we chemically process some jobs several times each week because oxidation will ruin inactive chemicals, and allowing that to happen will require their complete replacement, compounding the financial pain this closure has already created.

We plan to call customers as work is completed, will accept credit card payments over the phone, and for the duration of this crisis we are offering free shipping by US mail for orders over $25.00. Additionally, we will take advantage of this slow-down to finish some long-term jobs that have been hanging around.

15cent DEAL

Lastly, I want to remind you of our special “Such a Deal!” promotion…. And don’t forget — free delivery by mail for orders exceeding $25.00. Watch for future blogs where I’ll highlight some equipment upgrades. Saundra may even jump in with some tips for gathering and organizing your memorabilia for digitizing and safe archiving.

Stay safe – stay well – and have a blessed Palm Sunday!


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