COVID-19 Update

It’s been quite a while since my last post – it troubles me that my need to write comes at such a dire time for our community and world. First let me say that so far the FotoTechnika crew is well – I guess the personal hygiene necessary for film handling has served us well.  I want to pass along some guidelines we have come up with to work through this crisis:

TFG Workaround 8x11

Saundra and I have endured many upheavals over the years, but never anything like COVID-19. We have decided to come to work daily – we will figure out how to best serve our customers depending on the choices the authorities grant us. Because of the drop in volume, we are working with a skeleton staff, so please be patient — and some of our traditional minilabs will not be running all the time since the chemistry needs to have a sufficient amount of paper run through to stay balanced. So call ahead at 904-356-2503 if you need prints produced quickly.

Please use our online ordering on our website – stay safe, and stay tuned for some ideas about how to organize your photos and digital files to pass the time.

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