Prayers for Brian

The following is from our FotoTechnika Flyer email newsletter from July 11, 2018:

Dear Friends of FotoTechnika,Brian1039 2009

In the 31 years since Saundra and I opened FotoTechnika, we have been fortunate that we have not had to deal with many health issues, either for us or our employees. That changed dramatically last month when, during the middle of the week, Brian Wanta, whom many of you know, told us that he really wasn’t feeling well and thought he needed to see a doctor (very uncharacteristic for one who had a history of “powering through” any aches or pains). That weekend, his wife, Jean, called from the hospital, informing us that Brian was suffering from renal failure, and the doctors were able to perform a procedure that restored partial kidney function. Initial tests had indicated that Brian’s lungs and heart were fine so the cause of his problem was puzzling, but during the procedure, cancer was discovered to have caused the kidney issues, and tissue samples were taken so biopsies could be performed. Answers were not immediately forthcoming, but a PET scan later revealed that cancer was evident in Brian’s spine and pelvis. Doctors and family were all dumbfounded because Brian had not complained of the pain that usually accompanies a condition as serious as his.

The long and short of it is that Brian is currently on medical leave, and his condition may force him into retirement. We hope that’s not going to be the case, but we must be realistic. He starts chemo soon and expects to undergo treatments for three months. If he has the energy, he has told us he would like to stay engaged with his work and customers, but that depends entirely on how he tolerates the treatments.

Brian is a very, very private individual, and we have always respected that. We at FotoTechnika, Brian, and his family solicit your prayers, but we ask that you respect Brian’s wish for privacy. Brian has always been exceedingly responsible with his personal finances and medical insurance, but no one can adequately prepare for this kind of illness. Jean’s colleagues have created a gofundme site to help defray some of his medical expenses:

We ask for your thoughts and prayers for Brian (and perhaps your generosity).

We would also request your understanding as we transition to the possibility of FotoTechnika without Brian. This is very difficult for us. He has been our partner and friend for almost 30 years. If you are a fine art customer, please know that we will continue to offer fine art services, but it’s going to take several of us to handle what Brian has done so well for so many years by himself.

Thank you for your concern.

John & Saundra Howard, and the FotoTechnika Family

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