Is Photography Your Passion?




Okay — this blog is going to be short and sweet, but it could be important to you and to us if you make your living with photography.

We were hit by a perfect storm back when the “Great Recession” occurred. We lost a lot of business because of the recession itself, but concurrently, we lost pro photography business because of the huge technological shift from analog photography to digital photography. Many of the pro photographers we served quit using many of our processes because everything they needed to do could be done over the internet or by using digital media. Other photographers couldn’t adapt to all the changes, and sadly, several passed on.

When we moved to St. Nicholas in 2013 we thought that we might become more of a retail business, but we are finding that we are better suited to work with professionals, whether they are fine artists, graphic artists or photographers. We realize we have fallen out of touch with many who we consider to be our core market, and  we need to get in touch soon, especially since we have by default become the go to source for photography information by the general public.

We may serve many of you with our online ordering services, but others may not know us at all. We would like to get to know you, and know your specialties. We are compiling a list, sort of a black book of local photographers. Please respond to this blog, or touch base with us through Facebook, Linked In or email us at If we aren’t familiar with your work, we would love to see your portfolio. If you are a member of a photography group, and would like us to hold a workshop, or make a presentation at your regular meetings, please contact us. Maybe we can refer some business your way.

Hope to hear from you soon!

John Howard



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