Social Media Quest

JohnYelpBlogRecently I sat through a 45 minute webinar with a company that manages businesses’ social media concerns. Over the course of the demonstration, the presenter made some observations regarding our Yelp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google profiles – none of which took me by surprise. But as she explained her company’s program (and the fees they charge) I started questioning whether social media can translate into revenue for the FotoTechnika Group. Sure I know it can generate good will, but will the people who frequent social media sites actually bring us business? I know that all the engagement in the world on social media isn’t going to drive me to purchase products, but then again, Saundra and I live a very utilitarian – yea spartan – existence. So this blog is different from my normal posts where I aim to share our knowledge and experience. This time I am on a quest for knowledge.

Currently we are most active on Facebook and with our weekly email blasts, but we are also on Linked In, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest and we even have posted some YouTubes. Part of what the social media management company offered was the service of having their expert staff respond to inquiries, and reviews, positive or negative, and generate engaging posts, but that really rubbed me the wrong way. I believe for social media to benefit us, it has to be our personal response, not some third party IT guy who has little or no knowledge of our services.

I am looking for constructive opinions and ideas – and most of all, let us know what kind of social media content would actually encourage and inspire folks to seek FotoTechnika’s assistance for their photo printing and scanning needs?

Looking forward to your ideas,

John Howard





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