We are constantly racking our brains to figure out the best way to present our message: you know, WHO we are, WHAT we do and that we even exist. We have tried all sorts of marketing approaches over the years. This blog, Facebook and our website have been some of our most recent endeavors and they have been reasonably successful, but we always find our greatest success in personal contact or through word-of-mouth referrals.

The fact that Saundra and I are both essential production personnel means that pounding the pavement to visit potential customers is impractical if not impossible. If we can’t go to them, how do we get them to come to us? Enter the Home & Patio Show! That’s where we will be March 5-8, in Section 4 Booth 9 in the old terminal building, where they have the cooking shows. Preparing for the show has kind of been like getting gussied up for the Prom – the thing is, YOU are our date.

I imagine that after 39 hours on the trade show floor we’re going to have some really sore feet, but we hope we will also have lots of new friends who seek our expertise in preserving their memories. In fact, the theme of our booth is “Memories – Scan & Restore – Print & Preserve – Create & Share.”

HPSpanels 3up 4x6

As I sit here close to midnight on a Saturday evening writing this blog, Saundra is busy creating a slide show that we will have set up at the front of our booth. We’ve been plugging away on marketing ideas since January, but as usual, we always seem to do our best work when there’s a tight deadline. I’m sure we will burn the midnight oil all the way up to the show, and we may even do some tweaking once there.

Here are some of the things we will present at the show:

Blog collageThey say we’ll see lots of people at the show (around 30,000 paying attendees) but our hope is for them to see us. I hope you will have opportunity to drop by our booth. (The shop will be closed on Thursday, March 5 and Friday, March 6.) You can even purchase your tickets at a discount — just enter the word “savings” when you go to this link. And remember, the value of our coupons is more than the cost of a ticket.

We hope to see you there!


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